Apprentice Electrician

First few weeks / months – working in different areas of the business to get an idea on how we operate and the products etc we supply.

This will include general warehouse work to get to grips with what each product looks like , locations of different products etc etc.

Technical / Sales Office – again a few weeks working / learning how the sales guys operate and how the business flows from quote stage to goods going out of the door.

We use SAGE 200 computer system so full training will be given on this.

General Day to Day once we are into the training:

  • Full in-house training on the Radio Control Products , this will include inspection / repairing / servicing of the Industrial Radio Remote Controls that are returned from our customers in the field
  • General fault finding which can be anything from failed PCBS to short circuits or failed mechanical parts like switches , buttons ESTOPS that kind of thing
  • Some systems can be inspected in a couple of hours and some can take days to thoroughly check through
  • Our software is changing rapidly as it does in electronics and the new radio systems have diagnostic tools which plug in to a lap top and make things a little easier to find faults , but we also have hundreds of older systems out there which require old school testing from switch to plug
  • Also we need to test all our new systems before they are shipped to the customer so again this requires checking outputs from the technical drawings etc.
  • All systems old or new have unique serial numbers and drawings to suit so again we will train him/her on how to understand these drawings

Reeling Drums:

  • Again full house training will be given on the cable reeling drums , we offer a similar service to the Radios where we sell new drums but also service and repair existing units
  • The Reeling drums all require cable fitting to the drum and the electrical connections made to the internal sliprings then testing to maksure all is correct
  • Fault finding on the reels would start with visual inspections to the cable itself , then internal checks on the connections and sliprings / drive units etc.
  • We use standard testing equipment , MegohMeters that kind of thing
  • As the job evolves it will include talking direct to customers trying to troubleshoot on site with both Reeling drums + Radios that for whatever reason cannot be retuned to SIMBAL , this is generally done on the phone or using SKYPE , Teams that kind of thing
  • Employer: Simbal Limited
  • Location: High Peak
  • Hours: Monday - Friday, 08:30 - 17:00
  • Salary: £225.00 - £243.75
  • Closing date: 31/08/2021