Apprentice Nursery Practitioner


  • To be an ambassador for the nursery, promoting the nursery and developing our reputation
  • To be reliable and flexible to suit the staffing requirements of the nursery
  • Covering sickness and holidays where necessary


  • Support effective parent partnership, building positive working relationships and involving parents in their child’s early years learning
  • Attend staff/team meetings and actively participate in accordance to the agenda
  • Peer to peer observations on staff/children
  • To provide a nurturing and caring approach and to contribute to the nursery providing outstanding care
  • Communicate effectively with your team, building positive and effective working relationships
  • Encouraging training and development, cascading knowledge
  • Follow action plans/routines within your area
  • Uphold the reputation of Hilltop Tots, demonstrating professionalism and presentation and to be a role model for children, staff and parents
  • To participate as a responsible staff member promoting the sustainability of the nursery (e.g. switching lights off after leaving rooms, heating rooms appropriately – generally avoiding wastage)
  • To support all areas, providing cover when needed
  • To be familiar with the national standards, OFSTED guidelines, recommendations of good practice and to assist in their implementation
  • To manage and maintain own area of responsibility as a greed between staff and management


  • Record evidence, photos, testimonials to enhance the document
  • Read and familiarise yourself with SEF

Children’s care and learning:

  • To create a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment and to share responsibility for the welfare of all children
  • Support the team to promote high quality childcare and education in line with Hilltop Tots Policies and Procedures
  • To ensure high standards of children’s personal care are meet i.e. routines, mealtimes, sleep times etc.
  • To plan and implement a range of activities, experiences and opportunities in line with the EYFS framework and to contribute new ideas that will encourage our children to play, have fun and learn
  • To ensure high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are always maintained
  • To act as a key person to individual children, building positive and effective working relationships with children and their families
  • To provide an attractive, stimulating range of equipment activities and display indoors and out
  • Parent app system – make effective and track children’s progress to include parents in their child learning and development
  • To ensure the environment meets the needs of individual children, including cultures, beliefs and stages of development
  • To work in collaboration as part of a multi-professional workforce, maintaining appropriate confidentiality at all times
  • To carry out child observations to support your supervisor with the implementation of EYFS
  • Ensure children have access to the outdoors daily
  • To effectively implement the EYFS Welfare Requirements and Practice Guidance

Company Policies and Procedures:

  • To comply with Hilltop Tots policies and procedures
  • To undertake any other appropriate duties in the interests of the service as required
  • To participate in any organisational changes as necessary


  • Support the manager and team in nursery events such as -Play n stay session, Grandparents day, Open days, Father’s day, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Social responsibility/Fundraising etc.


  • To identify, record and deal with any concerns (e.g. over children, parents or the safety of equipment), preserving confidentiality as required
  • To understand your responsibilities with regards to safeguarding and child protection issues
  • To keep confidential any information regarding children, their families or staff which is obtained as part of the job


  • Support and assist the team in delivering effective practice
  • Support the settings improvement and training plans
  • To attend in-house training courses and meetings as required
  • To promote the learning and development of students/apprentices, by modelling good practice and working with their training provider
  • To keep up to date training for specific areas i.e. First aid, Behaviour management, Safeguarding
  • Location: Stoke-On-Trent
  • Hours: Shifts TBC.
  • Salary: £124.50 weekly wage
  • Closing date: 16/11/2021