Business Administration Apprentice

Vacancy description

What is the role?

It’s a Business Administration position which will lead you to eventually join our fast paced recruitment resourcing team.

So…..what does that involve?

  • Social media
  • Advertising
  • Database searches and networking
  • Researching and matching opportunities with our clientele
  • Managing the interview and offer process
  • Checking incoming applications
  • Scheduling interviews where appropriate
  • Maintaining office databases and record keeping
  • Answering telephones
  • Filing
  • General administration duties as required

What are you looking for in me?

  • We are a growing business and we are looking for people with exceptional drive, determination and ambition, as well as a great personality, to help create and share in our success
  • You’ve got to be clever that’s a given, but not in terms of academically, more emotionally smart and able to learn quickly
  • It’s such a people based business so you have to be comfortable talking and corresponding with people you’ve never dealt with before
  • You have got to be able to grasp concepts quickly, be decisive and influence people to make things happen with urgency
  • Degrees are not important, (but that is the calibre of people we want, where you would be capable of doing one, whether or not you chose to), neither is age, but we want people who feel they will belong here and care about doing a great job
  • You need to be able to demonstrate commitment and dedication and an ability to start and see something through. Honestly we are often put off by candidates that have moved from job to job, or consistently start and don’t finish things. We are a close-knit team so we only want great people to add to our culture

What does it pay, how much can I realistically expect to earn?

  • Starting basic pay is £18,000-£22,500 + commission and bonuses. (after your apprenticeship)
  • First year minimum of £25,000+
  • The average earnings in 2nd year across the business are £54,000 per annum
  • Our top earners after 3 years earn in excess of £100k each year

Where is it based and do I travel at all?

  • We are based in the centre of Wilmslow in Cheshire, 3 minutes walk from the train station
  • We are 17 minutes from Manchester City centre on the train, although many of our staff drive to work
  • We do travel to meet with clients to present, account reviews, discuss key projects, and assist with interviews, as well as entertaining and having fun with customers. But the majority of time is spent in the office
  • Our teams attend the big conventions, go on international client visits to places such as Dubai, Qatar, Singapore, and Western Europe as well as all over the UK

What’s the culture of the business like and the office environment?

  • The average age of our employees is between 25 and 30. We have graduates straight out of university, or those people who have had some work experience. Obviously we have experienced and senior members of staff who are pushing up the average age!! Some of our staff have been with us since we started out
  • It’s a casual smart dress culture and we work in really cool offices with staff break out areas, a stocked bar, pool tables, PlayStations and a great social area for the teams to enjoy on breaks and at lunch
  • In terms of the main office, it’s a noisy and busy environment, usually with incentives or competitions running to keep a great and productive energy in the place. We do loads of great social events, we have a quarterly incentive running now for an international weekend away (in the past we have done Vegas, Barcelona, Palma etc and hired Villas in Ibiza). We support charities and fund raise with various events
  • Overall it’s a fantastic place to work, the staff are the key to our success, which is why we have been voted a Best Company to work for previously
  • If you want to see behind the scenes, check our Facebook page

When do you want people to start?

  • Now, next month, but no later than July this year
  • The truth is we are always looking for outstanding people and are happy to wait for the right person, but equally we can also move really quickly
  • Employer: Genesis Associates (Uk) Limited
  • Location: Wilmslow
  • Hours: Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm
  • Salary: £14,000.00 - £18,000.00 annual wage
  • Closing date: 21/05/2019