Caretaker Assistant Apprentice

  • Receive delivery of supplies, furniture and parcels into the school; ensure correct distribution to the appropriate department/classroom/teacher.
  • Liaise with contractors and monitor work being carried out by them.
  • Monitor cleaning of building and ensure work is carried out in accordance with the specification.
  • Undertake designated cleaning duties during term time and carry out cleaning operations during school closure periods. Maintain the grounds in a clean and tidy condition; remove accumulated internal and external waste, sweep the grounds using mechanical or other means.
  • Monitor the conditions of the school’s sanitary provisions for both staff and pupils. Ensure safe storage and use of cleaning materials, in accordance with the requirements of COSHH.
  • Check the heating installation daily during the heating season. Monitor the use of water, gas, oil and electricity.
  • Under the direction of the Caretaker, maintain general fire precautions and security at the school; unlocking and unlocking the school premises, setting and disarming security and fire alarm systems and other security measures, etc.
  • Notwithstanding the detail in this job description, the jobholder will undertake such work as may be determined as necessary by the Trust.
  • Employer: Black Firs Primary School
  • Location: Congleton
  • Hours: Exact shifts to be confirmed upon an interview
  • Salary: £185.00 weekly wage
  • Closing date: 02/11/2021