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IAG Statement of Services

Information, Advice and Guidance Statement of Services

Our aim is to offer a customer focused service, which is convenient for all clients to access and provide up to date, comprehensive and impartial information, advice and guidance.

About our IAG service

This service is designed to help you to make an informed decision about your future options. This statement briefly outlines the available services and facilities. For more information on the services available for students please see our Student Services and Support section.

Our Clients

  • Current students of Macclesfield College
  • Potential students
  • Students from partner agencies
  • Employers

Our Staff

Our staff hold appropriate professional qualifications and training, their skills and knowledge are continuously updated through a programme of staff development.

Our Services

  • A confidential, impartial and objective information and advice service concerning learning opportunities, skills and qualifications, career progression and how to access them.
  • Written information on all courses and opportunities
  • Support during your studies to assist your learning and personal development
  • Advice and services to enable you to study effectively if you have a disability or additional requirement
  • Telephone / internet services providing information and advice
  • A signposting and referral service to other agencies if we are unable to offer the information or advice you require

What you can expect from us

  • We will be welcoming and friendly
  • We will be professional and knowledgeable
  • We are happy to answer your enquiry by telephone or e-mail or to offer you an individual appointment
  • We will treat you fairly and equally
  • We will tailor our services to your needs
  • Respond to your written correspondence request within 5 working days
  • Respond to your telephone call request within 2 working days
  • We will acknowledge or reply to your e-mails within 2 working days

What we expect from you

  • As much relevant information as you can give us to help us to respond to your enquiry fully
  • To contact us promptly if you have any questions or concerns about your studies
  • To attend all interviews, which have been arranged with college staff on time
  • Let us know if you need to cancel or re-schedule an appointment
  • To be honest and open with us, and work towards meeting your agreed aims
  • To treat college staff and fellow students with respect


In order to provide the best possible service we keep a record of your details and a summary of your discussion with us. This record can only be accessed by authorised staff who may need to see this information as part of their work. Macclesfield College complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Equal Opportunities

Macclesfield College welcomes enquiries from all people regardless of their age, race, colour, gender, and sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, disability, marital status, or background.

Macclesfield College is committed to the aim that everybody is given equal opportunity to access our IAG services and training resources.

Feedback: Compliments, Comments and Complaints

To help us continuously improve our service and address your needs we want to hear from you; if you wish, you may do this anonymously.

If you would like to comment on or compliment the service, or make a complaint, relevant forms are available at reception. You may also do this by using the forms on our website. Alternatively please email

Our complaints procedure explains clearly how complaints should be made and how these and any unresolved issues are dealt with. All complaints are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

You may also like to view the National Careers Service website for more information and advice.