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Student Survey Feedback

Survey shows high levels of student satisfaction

Macclesfield College’s reputation as an excellent first choice for quality education and training has been endorsed by its own students in the College’s annual satisfaction survey.

High levels of student satisfaction above the national benchmark were recorded in the survey conducted in January 2020. 854 learners across different programmes of study participated in the questionnaire.

Results show that Macclesfield College performed particularly well in the following areas:

Question Agree
There is an expectation that they will exceed in their subjects


Teachers encouraged them to work hard 97%
Teachers know their subject well


The work set is challenging


Teaching on the course is good 96%
The work set is at the right pace 95%
Learning objective are made clear


The teachers challenge them to do their best


The support they receive from their teacher is good 95%

The positive results back up the College’s commitment to offer the best learning experience to current and prospective students. Through excellent teaching and student support, plus exceptional facilities and resources, the feedback reflects that learners are satisfied that Macclesfield College is the best place to achieve their personal and academic goals.