Code of Conduct

Working and Learning

As a student at Macclesfield College of Further and Higher Education, you are expected to:

  • Be punctual and attend all sessions as required by your individual timetable, including main programme, English, maths, tutorial, directed study and any other sessions as directed by the College. Good attendance and punctuality help towards academic attainment and preparation for the expectations of adult and working life. You are expected to maintain an attendance level of 100%. Unauthorised absence and attendance below 90% will normally result in disciplinary action and you may be asked to pay for your examination board fees. Understand that entry to exams and receiving any funding support requires regular attendance and satisfactory grades for your work. You may jeopardise your place on the course if your attendance falls below 90%. Check your attendance records, at least once a week, and alert your teacher if it is not accurate.
  • Report your reason for any absences to the College Absence Line on 01625 410018. (We expect you to book appointments with Doctors/ Dentists outside of your timetabled sessions, unless for an emergency). You must accept responsibility to catch up on any work missed.
  • Be punctual for classes and arrive with all the necessary equipment and materials.
  • Be organised and make good use of private study time.
  • Work hard and to the best of your ability.
  • Accept responsibility for your own learning and ask for help when you need it.
  • Meet all of your work deadlines and make sure that the work you submit for assessment is your own.
  • Ensure that you observe classroom management practice e.g. turn mobile phones off, do not use music players, only drink bottled water. (Ensure that mobile phones are switched off or on silent during teaching-related activities unless you have permission from the class teacher to use it).
  • Not bring mobile phones, MP3 players or watches into any examination or controlled conditions (even if they are turned off). The examination board must be notified, and it will lead to disqualification.
  • Not take holidays in term time.
  • Avoid, where ever possible, working for more than ten hours a week in any part-time job during term time, as it could impact on your learning.

Staff member speaking to students around a table


As a student at Macclesfield College, you are expected to:

  • Be polite and treat everyone with respect, in person and online.
  • Avoid using inappropriate language which may offend others.
  • Follow the reasonable instructions of any member of College staff.
  • Respect the learning experience of others and behave in a calm, responsible and orderly manner at all times. We do not tolerate behaviour which endangers safety or disturbs other students’ learning.
  • Respect the right of all individuals to be free of harassment of any kind, whether sexual, racial or otherwise – do not engage in any type of bullying or harassment of any kind, including by text or online.
  • Seek permission from a member of staff before distributing any notices.
  • Not consume, or bring on to the College site, any alcohol, illegal substances or legal highs, as this will lead to a disciplinary investigation and possible police involvement.
  • Not be in possession of an offensive weapon. You will be removed from the College immediately and where necessary, the Police will be involved.
  • Dress appropriately for College, which also means not wearing offensive slogans on your clothing. You must wear appropriate uniform and Personal Protective Equipment, where advised.
  • Avoid damaging the reputation of the College when off campus with inappropriate language, excessive noise and over exuberant behaviour.

Health, Safety and Security

As a student at Macclesfield College, you are expected to:

  • Follow instructions from all staff in regard to Health & Safety procedures.
  • Treat everyone’s property with respect. Respect the property of the College, its staff, other students and visitors.
  • Always be in possession of your ID card, show it when requested and do not allow anyone else to use your ID card. It is important each student keeps their own ID card safe. You can obtain a temporary ID card at reception if you have forgotten yours, or a new card can be sourced from the LRC if it is lost.
  • Not help or invite non-students onto the College premises – inform staff immediately if non-students are on the premises. Visitors must report to Main Reception. Students found accompanying non-invited individuals onto College premises including known suspended or excluded students, will themselves be suspended.
  • Report to reception if you feel unwell and need to see a First Aider.
  • Let Student Services know if you have to leave College during your timetabled day and will miss lessons as a result of illness or other emergency.
  • Take responsibility for your use of ICT and make sure that such usage is safe, responsible and legal. No ICT device, whether College provided or personally owned, may be used for the bullying or harassment of others in any form. Any student who is found to have breached the ICT Acceptable Use Policy will be subject to College Disciplinary Procedures, and may also result in a temporary or permanent ban from ICT use – remember, such use is a privilege not a right.
  • Look after your valuables (try not to bring anything that is not essential to College as the College cannot be held responsible for loss/damage).
  • Register your motor vehicle/motorcycle with the College and drive safely with due care, consideration and attention at all times to other drivers and pedestrians.

Respect the environment:

  • Help to keep the College clean and tidy, especially the café, by clearing tables and returning your trays. In open break out and other areas, dispose of any rubbish using the bins provided.
  • Do not smoke in the building or around the College other than in the designated areas.
  • Do not spit or drop chewing gum.

This code of conduct is valid for the duration of your time at Macclesfield College and the list is not exhaustive. If there is a change in your personal details or circumstances please inform your Personal Tutor OR a member of the Student Services staff immediately.