Private: Virtual Open Day – January 2021

Covid-19 Student Induction Guidance

During the Coronavirus pandemic the health and wellbeing of our College Community is our number one priority.

All of us can assist in controlling the virus if we all stay alert and follow government guidance.

We expect all students to:

  • wear a face covering if you use public transport. From the 15th June, if you do not, you will be refused travel and risk a penalty fine. Carry hand sanitiser with you and wash your hands before and after travel for a minimum of 20 seconds
  • limit their contact with other people
  • maintain a social distance from others at all times – using the recommended 2 metres
  • Always wash your hands/use hand sanitiser upon entering any College buildings and at regular intervals throughout the day and when requested
  • not attend College if you or anyone in your household are showing Covid-19 symptoms
  • not attend College if you have tested positive for Covid-19 and/or been advised to self-isolate by the NHS

The following guide explains what you should do when learning in any of the college buildings. This information must be followed by all students and should be used as a daily checklist.

Entering the building

  1. Everybody must follow entrance rules and may be required to queue to get in to the College
  2. Upon entry you will be asked in accordance with Government & Health guidelines to wash/sanitise your hands.
  3. Hand sanitiser will be available in the entrances to all College buildings
  4. You are asked to avoid gathering in groups in the college and instead to go to your study area as soon as possible. Staff will be present to welcome you and show you the way
  5. Public facing areas around the College will be screened off for your on-going protection
  6. There will be designated directions of movement so please follow the systems in place
  7. Remember to keep two metres distance from the people around you (where possible) and do not have conversations in areas and block routes

In the building

  1. Please remember to ‘social distance’ in all practical work areas / classrooms at all times.
  2. Classrooms will be arranged to ensure that students do not sit within 2 metres of each other. Please note, students who do not socially distance or follow the rules will be subject to the normal disciplinary process
  3. All students must use the same keyboard in class. Prior to leaving these should be cleaned
  4. Remember to wash your hands often and also before eating/drinking There will be hand sanitiser available in all rooms
  5. All students should remain a minimum of 2 metres apart from other students and teaching staff at all times. Areas are marked on the floor to assist with this. When using the college toilets only enter one person at a time, washing your hands for 20 seconds minimum
  6. Avoid touching your face. Always sneeze or cough hygienically. Cover your mouth & nose with a tissue or your elbow when coughing or sneezing. Bin the tissue and then sanitise your hands (‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’).
  7. Should you have an accident whilst in college, First Aid staff will provide assistance to you and will prior to administering the First Aid put on their Personal Protective
  8. College lifts should only be used by those who can’t use the stairs or who are carrying large items. If you need to use the lift, you must seek authorization from Student Services. Only 1 person will be allowed in the lift at a time unless accompanied by a carer. All College Lifts will be regularly cleaned throughout the day
  9. All students must remain in their classes and not mix with others unless 2 metres distancing can be maintained. Food should be eaten in designated areas. The ‘Rotunda’ and other common areas around the College will not be open as a social space
  10. The smoking shelter will accommodate two persons maximum. If the designated smoking area is not available, then please smoke away from the College buildings, not in pedestrian routes and over 20 metres from the building
  11. Please be aware the College takes seriously the health and wellbeing of all members of its community, therefore any student who spits or coughs on someone to make them fear infection from COVID-19 e.g. those who deliberately threaten or pretend to infect others will be immediately excluded from the college. Any incidents of this nature will be classed as a crime.

Leaving the building

  1. Fire Alarms – Evacuate as normal being mindful if appropriate of 2 metre social distancing.
  2. To prevent a build-up of people during a fire alarm please leave by the clearly signed external fire exits. On occasion a College Fire Warden may ask you to disperse, or move to a different assembly point
  3. Exit the building (unless advised differently) by the defined route
  4. You should always sanitise your hands as you leave


General information

  1. Posters and signage are located across the college for your information and will be kept updated
  2. If you have any suggestions or concerns about your safety please contact your Course Tutor in the first instance who will be pleased to assist you.

HealthWork – Certificate of Compliance COVID-19 Secure Workplace