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English and Mathematics

GCSE English and mathematics are essential requirements for both employment and Higher Education.

Regardless of your achievement in English and Mathematics, you will work to extend and optimise these core skills at Macclesfield College to ensure you have the expertise all employers are looking for. Depending on your current grades, you will be expected to study English and/or Mathematics alongside your main course. If you hold a grade 4 or higher in either of these subjects, then opportunities will be provided to you to extend your numeracy and literacy skills in context.

If you don’t have a grade 4 in GCSE English or Mathematics when you come to Macclesfield College, then you will be enrolled onto a course to help you improve in these areas. This will either be a GCSE or Functional Skills qualification, depending on which course is best for you. We have excellent English and Mathematics departments to guide you through GCSEs or Functional Skills.


Why English?

Solid communication and language skills are essential to lasting success in today’s workplace. We approach the teaching of English in a fresh and inspiring way, helping you gain a better grasp of meaning and tone in texts, whilst enhancing your core comprehension and writing skills.

Why Mathematics?

The ability to think around and solve a problem in a logical and structured way  is a skill that is highly prized by today’s employers. Here at Macclesfield College, we will ensure you have the core skills you need to succeed in employment, as well as the ability to approach everyday mathematical tasks in an organised way, demonstrating how you have arrived at the answer, where required.



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