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Macclesfield College offers a wide range of Higher Education (HE) courses



The College offers a range of Level 4 Higher National Certificates (HNCs) and Level 5 Higher National Diplomas (HNDs) in curriculum areas such as Computing, Business, Sport, Sciences and Engineering.  These qualifications are nationally recognised vocational qualifications at higher education level.  Students can choose to ‘top up’ these qualifications to a full degree if they wish, by undertaking additional study at university.  Usually students opt to ‘top up’ their HND to a full degree, which can normally be achieved in a year.  Our HNCs and HNDs are an excellent way to start your degree level study in a way that is local, much more affordable than the traditional degree route and very flexible.  We offer small groups, plenty of tutor support and a ‘hands on’ curriculum which is assessed by coursework and practical tasks rather than by traditional exams. Whilst you may choose to ‘top up’, HNCs and HNDs remain qualifications in their own right which are highly favoured by employers.

Teacher Training

 Macclesfield College has a long history of the successful delivery of Teacher Training qualifications.  This year, we are delighted to announce our offer of two new qualifications designed for people who wish to teach in Post 14 settings such as colleges, academies, community and adult learning or offender learning.  Our new qualifications, the Certificate in Education Post 14 (Education and Training) and the Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Post 14 (Education and Training) are awarded by the University of Derby which is an Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ provider of teacher education programmes.  These qualifications are suitable for those already in a teaching role, or those who would like embark upon a teaching career in a Post 14 educational setting.  You will only need to attend the course one evening per week (for two years).


Foundation Degrees 

Following the recently announced collaborative partnership with the University of Derby, Macclesfield College is delighted to announce the opportunity to study a part-time Foundation Degree qualification locally at the College.  Initially, we are offering the FdA Children and Young People aimed at those working, or wanting to work, with children and/or young people from birth to twenty-five years of age in a wide variety of education and care settings. Part-time Foundation Degrees enable people who are already practitioners in their field to boost their career prospects by developing further academic and vocational knowledge, skills and understanding and to apply these in their work.  Equally, for those aspiring to start a career in the area of interest, Part-time Foundation Degrees offer an opportunity to develop a new career pathway.  Like most part-time Foundation Degrees, the current offer will be taught one evening per week for three years. Foundation Degrees represent 2/3 of a full degree and can be ‘topped up’ to a full degree by undertaking further study.


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