19 Years and Over


This qualification will enable the learner to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed when supporting teaching and learning in a school environment.

Learners will take part in learning about children and education from five years of age. However, learners will also cover learning about Early Years education as this will enhance learner’s knowledge.


Fees: 2225.00

Fees Advanced Learning Loan: 2225.00


The learner will be qualified at level 3 and this may lead to employment in Primary, Secondary and Specialist areas in Supporting Teaching and Learning.

Progression onto the Level 4 Certificate for the Advanced Practitioner in Schools and colleges, a foundation degree or specialist roles.

Additional information

Learners need to find their own voluntary or paid placement in an educational setting for a minimum of 6 hours each week or a total of 100 hours. This can be a Primary school; a secondary school; an academy; a special school or a college in Year One or above. Learners will need to arrange a DBS with the school where possible although the college are also able to do this for a fee.

Prior to starting the course, the learner needs to have successful completion of (BKSB) Maths and English initial assessments (above Entry 3).

Further Information

For further information, advice and guidance call The Learner Experience Team on 01625 410002.

Duration and Times

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