19 Years and Over


The course is specifically designed for people living in Britain whose main/first language isn’t English. The course will increase key English skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The course will also increase confidence, improve communication skills in daily life and further opportunities in the workplace.

ESOL is offered at a range of levels from Entry Level up to Level 1. At the start of the course students will take a short assessment/interview/advice process, to ensure that the level of course is appropriate and will best suit individual aspirations for future study, training or employment.

Entry Requirements



Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing (spelling, punctuation and grammar)


You will be assessed by continuous assessment (exercises done as homework) and formal exams with the Ascentis Awarding Body.

Awarding body



Fees: 225.00


Students will progress to the next level of ESOL or have the option to transfer to Functional Skills English/GCSE English.

Further Information

For further information, advice and guidance call The Learner Experience Team on 01625 410062.

Duration and Times

Start date: 28/09/2022

End date: 28/06/2023

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Days of week: W

Number of Weeks: 32

Weekly hours: 2.00

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