19 Years and Over

Entry Requirements

Open to adults 19+ years .
There is no specific entry requirements, however students must have the ability to benefit from attending and undertake an initial assessment to ensure that the programme meets their needs.


Learners will develop an understanding and awareness of skills to live in the community. Topics covered may include:

• Using public transport
• Getting about safely
• Accessing leisure services
• Eating Out
• Accessing the countryside
• Gardening for pleasure
• Pet Care
• Exploring performance
• Participation in team activities
• Personal Awareness
• Understanding relationships
• Making choices

Other topics may be explored. Along with the main course content there will be opportunities to work on English and maths skills through structured activities.


To gain this qualification, learners are assessed through a portfolio of work. No exam is required to be taken.

Awarding body

NOCN Entry Level Certificate in independent living: Living In the Community


Learners can progress on to higher levels or explore other units within the qualification

Further Information

For further information, advice and guidance call The Learner Experience Team on 01625 410002.

Duration and Times