19 Years and Over


Are you interested in raising awareness of mental health in the workplace, creating a culture of care and the promotion of positive mental health, or do you work within a wide range of public service roles may interact with those with mental health issues and support needs in your day-to-day work?

You will explore different types of mental health, understand the factors which may contribute to mental ill health and actions that can be taken to support individuals. You will also understand the responsibilities, relevant legislation and how to protect your own mental health, and guidance in creating mentally healthy environments and wellness action plans.

Entry Requirements

Learners should be aged 19 or above to undertake this qualification qualifications.

There are no specific prior skills/knowledge.

This is a knowledge only qualification. Work/industry placement experience is not required.

This qualification is suitable for learners who wish to raise awareness of mental health, creating a culture of care and the promotion of positive mental health. This qualification gives learners the opportunity to understand mental health, its associated care and how this can be applied to learners or colleagues in the workplace.


The purpose of this qualification is to give learners the skills to support colleagues with mental health problems. These skills will be gained by increasing the learner’s knowledge and understanding of mental health conditions and the principles of mental health first aid and how this can be implemented in the workplace

To be awarded the Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace, learners are required to successfully complete 3 mandatory units
Unit 01 Exploring mental health
Unit 02 Understand how to support individuals with mental ill health
Unit 03 Understand a mentally healthy environment


Learners must successfully demonstrate their achievement of all learning outcomes of the units as detailed in the qualification specification.

Awarding body



Fees: 40.00

Fees Advanced Learning Loan:


Learners who achieve this qualification could progress to qualifications in Health and Social Care (Adults).

It can also support workers within a wide range of public service roles who interact with those with mental health issues and support needs in their day-to-day work across a number of sectors including customer service, housing, voluntary sector, sport and recreation, hospitality or travel and tourism.

Additional information

This is an online course only.

Further Information

For further information, advice and guidance call The Learner Experience Team on 01625 410062.

Duration and Times

Start date: 14/09/2021

End date: 22/11/2021

Time: 12:00am - 12:00am

Timings: Group A

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