19 Years and Over


This qualification is aimed at those with responsibilities for the maintenance of electrical equipment and for those undertaking practical inspection and testing of electrical equipment. It allows those with the responsibility for the testing and inspection of electrical equipment to gain a qualification suitable to their job role.

Entry Requirements

City & Guilds does not set entry requirements for this qualification. However, centres must ensure that candidates have the potential and opportunity to gain the qualification successfully. It is expected that candidates attempting the qualification should be familiar with electrical systems and hazards of electricity in order to satisfactorily complete the qualification.


The qualification allows candidates to learn, develop and practise the skills required to inspect and test items of electrical equipment in line with the latest edition of the Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment. If you already work as an electrician it will add another string to your bow and can help you move up in the industry.


Summary of assessment methods Candidates must: • successfully complete the online multiple-choice knowledge test (2377-701) • successfully complete the practical assignment (2377-702)

Awarding body

City & Guilds


Fees: 220.00

Additional information

Initial assessment / induction. An initial assessment of each candidate should be made before the start of their programme to identify: • if the candidate has any specific training needs • support and guidance they may need when working towards their qualification • the appropriate type and level of qualification.

Further Information

For further information, advice and guidance call The Learner Experience Team on 01625 410062.

Duration and Times

Start date: 07/03/2022

End date: 09/03/2022

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Days of week: M Tu W

Number of Weeks: 1

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