19 Years and Over


With our Taste of Whites Chef Academy Pâtisserie course, you’ll gain an insight into the experiences shared by our students at Cheshire’s premier culinary academy. Observe and engage in the learning environment and teaching methods applied throughout our culinary programmes by participating in a pastry workshop under the guidance of our award-winning chef.

Taste of Whites Chef Academy aims to provide prospective pastry and baking students with an understanding of the school’s teaching methodology prior to making their choice of programme.

Entry Requirements

No previous experience required must be 19+


Course includes the following content:

• Fondant- Prepare a chocolate fondant
• Sweetened, flavoured cream- Prepare Chantilly cream
• Sauces and accompaniments demonstration- crème anglaise, coulis, toffee sauce
Hot desserts- prepare a souffle
• Cold desserts- prepare a bavarois
• Whisked sponge- Prepare a Génoise sponge
• Classical preparations- Crème pâtissière and conversion to crème mousseline
• Sugar work- Produce a simple syrup and spun sugar.
• Knife skills- Strawberry preparation



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Fees: 0.00

Additional information

Practical sessions, all ingredients, a skills booklet, and apron. All cooking equipment and teaching resources are provided in our kitchen for use on the day.

Further Information

For further information, advice and guidance call The Learner Experience Team on 01625 410062.

Duration and Times

Start date: 01/03/2023

End date: 15/03/2023

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Days of week: W

Number of Weeks: 3

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