According to a recent report five million adults in England lack basic reading, writing and maths skills and it could be having an impact on your business’ bottom line.

A report by the Learning and Work institute for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation suggests that this chronic lack of basic numeracy and literacy skills is affecting everyday tasks both in work and at home.

In order to address these skills needs within the workplace, Macclesfield College has developed bespoke Maths and English courses, which can be delivered directly in the workplace, completely free of charge.

Whatever the size of your organisation these 8 week courses (for 1 and half hours per week) are essential for all employees to operate at their most optimum, limiting mistakes whilst increasing workforce confidence and enhancing morale.

Tracy Cosgrave, Director for Business Training at Macclesfield College comments; “Improving productivity and efficiency is always priority for business. The training programmes we have developed address any literacy and numeracy gaps which may be a challenge for some employees, whilst at the same time gaining a national recognised qualification.”

Macclesfield College’s Maxim Business Training team provides all employees with initial diagnostic assessments to ensure they are given the right training, and once on the programme all students will have comprehensive online materials to help with their studies.

Tracy Cosgrave continues; “By ensuring staff are getting the basics right, confidence and morale will be enhanced which can then lead to a more motivated and ultimately satisfied workforce.”

For more information about how your business can benefit from free on-site Maths and English training, call Maxim Business Training at Macclesfield College on 01625 410 022.