FE Week’s first ever rankings table has classed Macclesfield College as top in the county across satisfaction categories.

The new survey, which scored colleges in England based on key criteria published by the Department for Education, revealed Macclesfield College as the highest scoring further education provider in Cheshire for employer and student satisfaction.

The ratings were based on four measures: 2016/17 adult Apprenticeships allocations as a percentage of all adult funding, employer and learner satisfaction levels, and destination data.

The College came within the top 40 of 213 providers across England for getting learners into employment. More than 83 per cent of surveyed learners said they would recommend Macclesfield College to their friends and family, whilst 87.8 per cent of employers provided positive feedback based on their experience of training at the College.

Rachel Kay, principal and chief executive at Macclesfield College said: “Since taking over the College 15 months ago, my goal has been to build on our learners’ success as well as improve engagement with local, national and international business communities. We’ve come a long way since then and it’s exciting to see the survey’s results reaffirm our progress.

“We’ll continue on our journey to ensure our curriculum provides exciting environment for students, where they can thrive and become work-ready employees. We’ll work closely with local employers to identify their skills gaps and introduce new programmes that respond to skills shortages and reflect the needs of businesses in our community.”

Macclesfield College currently works with more than 500 local employers and educates almost 4,000 learners. The College is providing 2,949 courses in the 2016/17 academic year which includes 20 different Apprenticeship programmes.