Coronavirus (COVID 19) – Macclesfield College Update

Updated at 12 noon on Monday 18th May.

For those students who are due to achieve their qualifications this year, we are working in line with the guidance provided by each of the organisations that award our qualifications. 

For students studying for a GCSE in maths and/or English, we are providing grades for students which have been calculated based on work undertaken in taught sessions, homework and any interim tests or mock examinations that were undertaken. These grades will then be ranked and submitted to the awarding body who will then undertake a process of standardisation and moderation with all other providers and award a final grade. Students will be notified of their grade on the 20th August. 

For some other qualifications including BTEC qualifications, we will be combining the grades that students had already achieved with teacher predicted grades for the remaining units within the programme. This process doesn’t apply for units that are subject to externally set assessments or examinations. These will be graded by the awarding organisation. Students on Level 3 programmes will be notified of their grade on the 13th August. Students on Level 1 and Level 2 programmes will be notified of their grade on the 20th August. It must be noted that government guidance stipulates that all predicted grades sent to awarding organisations cannot be shared and must remain confidential.   We are still waiting for further guidance on a range of other qualifications. 

Following the Prime Ministers announcement on the 10th May and further additional guidance issued on the 14th May, we are currently reviewing our options relating to opening the College in June. We will update further over the next few days. 


 Please see our guide for online learning by clicking here.

Updates will be posted on our website and social media platforms.

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Please only contact the college if the information you require is not available on our website.

If you have any concerns about your health or anyone else’s health in relation to Coronavirus, please follow government advice.

Thank you in advance for your support and co-operation as these are challenging times for everybody.


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