A Levels

A Levels

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I am delighted that you are thinking about coming to Macclesfield College for your A Level options. Our approach is simple. We put our students at the heart of everything we do. We have highly skilled teaching and support staff who go the extra mile to ensure that you reach your goals.

The A Level offer is carefully designed around set pathways with a mix of A Level and vocational qualifications. Subject areas are complemented with a wide range of enrichment, support and curriculum enhancement activities alongside a bespoke study skills programme to ensure that the highest grades are achieved.

It is our role to prepare you for the best and most competitive courses at top universities as well as the most sought-after apprenticeships with key employers. Our excellent employer engagement means that we have access to a wide range of employers who support our curriculum development so that we equip you with the skills to stand out.

We are proud of our great reputation, a brilliant mix of motivated students, dedicated staff, extensive employer links and excellent progression onto universities and employment.

Dr Lucy Reed
Deputy Principal
Why study A Levels at Macclesfield College

You will also benefit from a programme specifically designed for those who achieve the highest grade at GCSE and aspire to attend prestigious universities. The programme offers a range of experiences including:

Mentoring from a member of the college's senior leadershop team.
Additional one-to-one support.
Work placements
Access to high quality, bespoke work experience placements linked to career choice.
Careers and advice
Bespoke careers, UCAS and interview support.
Clubs and societies
You will be given the opportunity to make a full contribution to college life by being involved in enrichment activities and societies, becoming a member of the Student Council ir volunteering as a student ambassador and helping out at events.
Enrichment and trips
A wide range of guest speakers , subject specific workshops, trips and visits.
Fantastic facilities
You will benefit from our on-site facilities such as our Starbucks Cafe and Lifestyle Fitness Gym.
Fridays off
The college is closed on Fridays which gives you time to complete work experience or voluntary work.
Investors in wellbeing

We are the first college in the world to be awarded the Art of Brilliance ‘Investors in Wellbeing’ status. As a student at the college, you will benefit from learning about positive psychology in all aspects of learning and have the chance to become a ‘Wellbeing Student Ambassador’.

4 Pathways to choose from

1. Creative Pathway

English Language and Literature

Emphasising the integration of language and literature, this course enables students to explore the connections between linguistics and literary methods.

Film Studies

Film Studies goes beyond the casual film-watching. It entails a profound exploration of movies as an art form, delving into their visual storytelling.

Art and Design

This course allows you to be creative, experimental and investigate the world of art. We have a wide range of art facilities so you can study areas from pottery and textiles to photography and screen printing, which will enable you to build a fantastic portfolio

2. Social Science Pathway


Psychology, an enthralling subject, focuses on understanding the human mind. It seeks to improve students' insight into others and their behaviour.


During this course you will be engaged with the world of human behaviour and societal workings. Students explore sociological theories, research and their impact on social policies.


Criminology entails the examination of criminal behaviour and its management, control and prevention. This captivating course covers modules like Changing Awareness of Crime, Criminological Theories, Crime Scene to Courtroom, and Crime and Punishment.

3. Business Pathway

Computer Science

Immerse yourself in an exciting journey through the world of computer systems, algorithms and programming. This dynamic course goes beyond theory and dives straight into hands-on practical experience.

Business Studies

This course provides an introduction to contemporary business practices, covering crucial aspects such as leadership, decision-making, marketing, human resources and financial management.

Applied Law

This course centres on the English legal system, covering both private and public law. You will gain knowledge and insight into these legal aspects, laying the groundwork for further study.

4. Sport Pathway


Biology, a rapidly evolving science, plays a huge role in society's progress. It covers captivating subjects like cloning, gene technology, drug testing and forensics.

Sport coaching and development

This course focuses on the scientific aspects of sports and exercise. It covers modules such as Exercise, Health and Lifestyle, Anatomy & Physiology, Applied Sports Psychology, and Sports Nutrition.

Business Studies

This course provides an introduction to contemporary business practices. You will explore the influence of external factors on medium to large-sized sports businesses in the 21st century.

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