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Demonstrating the value of Macclesfield College

The results of a study by Economic Modelling Specialists International (EMSI) show that Macclesfield College of Further and Higher Education has a significant positive impact on its main stakeholder groups: learners, society, taxpayers, and the local business community.

Key findings include:

  • Altogether, the economic contribution of Macclesfield College to the local business community in Cheshire & Warrington is £121 million each year.
  • Many of Macclesfield College’s learners stay in Cheshire & Warrington. Their enhanced skills and abilities bolster the output of local employers, leading to higher regional income and a more robust economy.
  • The net impact of staff and College expenditure in Cheshire & Warrington comes to approximately £7.7 million in added income in the regional economy each year.
  • Every £1 that learners pay for their education at Macclesfield College yields £4.40 in higher future wages. This translates to a 15.2% annual return on their investment.

Demonstrating the Value of Macclesfield College – March 2014