Macclesfield College Staff Green Team: Leading the Way Towards a Sustainable Future

Macclesfield College Staff Green Team: Leading the Way Towards a Sustainable Future

Macclesfield College is proud to announce its newly appointed Green Team, a dedicated group of staff members who are committed to reducing the college’s environmental impact and improving its sustainable future. This initiative aligns with the College’s mission to work collaboratively with students, staff, suppliers, local communities, and employers for a cleaner, greener, healthier, and more equitable environment.

The green team are working collaboratively with ‘Play It Green’ who’s mission is to empower people, businesses and organisations to go on a journey of footprint reduction through education, tips and discounts. Members then rebalance their carbon emissions through nature-based solutions. The aim is to ensure this a more meaningful and enjoyable journey by providing rewards, a great user experience, funds to good causes and the ability to share this with others in a continually growing community.

The Association of Colleges (AOC) emphasises the pivotal role that educational institutions play in achieving net-zero targets. Colleges, being at the heart of communities, are uniquely positioned to facilitate a fair transition to a green economy, providing essential green skills and jobs. Macclesfield College fully embraces this responsibility and is invested in contributing to a sustainable future.

Marie Sheehan-Slade, Director of HR and Culture at Macclesfield College, expresses her excitement about the College’s green future and states, “I am thrilled to lead this initiative at Macclesfield College. Having representation from different departments ensures a well-rounded view of our current practices and how we can collectively improve. Our commitment to sustainability is a crucial step towards a brighter, greener future.”

At the initial meeting, the Green Team celebrated existing sustainable practices at the College, including a unique Friday work schedule that reduces on-site presence, sensor-controlled lighting, energy-efficient buildings, recycling initiatives, and environmentally conscious policies in coffee shops. Additionally, the College supports a Bike to Work scheme, offers water stations for refills, and promotes digital sharing over printing.

Targets set during the meeting include the implementation of recycling stations around the campus, starting a College Community Garden, launching a composting programme, and adopting responsible disposal practices for white goods, computers, and electrical appliances. The College also commits to using reusable resources, minimising unnecessary packaging, and purchasing recycled materials where suitable and available.

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