Macclesfield College Students Gain Valuable Work Experience on Turing Trips 

Macclesfield College Students Gain Valuable Work Experience on Turing Trips 

Students from Macclesfield College recently returned from two successful Turing Trips, where they gained valuable work experience and cultural insights. 

The first group, from the Art and Design department, attended a month-long work experience programme in Salerno, Italy. During their stay, students worked in galleries, schools, and art studios, gaining practical knowledge in their chosen sector. The level of engagement from all students for educational and cultural experiences was remarkable. After completing their placements for the day, the group embarked on sightseeing trips to historic sites such as Paestum, Pompeii, and Arechi Castle, as well as exploring local attractions and cathedrals in Salerno. For many students, this trip marked their first time abroad, making it an unforgettable experience for them and their teachers. The trip not only provided students with valuable work experience but also allowed them to immerse themselves in a new culture and gain independence. 

Meanwhile, students from the Media department embarked on a month-long work experience programme in Brussels, Belgium. They gained practical experience in galleries, marketing agencies, and event/photography roles, while also immersing themselves in the local culture. Sightseeing trips to Bruges, exploring galleries, and following the comic book trail were among the highlights of their trip. Just like their peers in Italy, students in Belgium also faced challenges, but these experiences provided great learning opportunities for everyone involved. The students returned with positive memories and valuable work experience. 

Macclesfield College’s Principal and CEO, Rachel Kay, commented, “The Turing Trips have been an incredible opportunity for our students to gain practical experience in their chosen fields while immersing themselves in different cultures. The experiences gained from these trips will not only enhance their academic knowledge but also help them develop important life skills, preparing them for their future.” 

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