Animal Care

If you love animals and you want to work in the exciting world of animal care then why not take a look at our new animal care course? This specialist course will provide you with a variety of knowledge and skills such as maintaining the health of animals, feeding and watering, animal nutrition, behaviour and communication, and the principles of inheritance and gene manipulation.

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Academic year: 20/21

This course is designed to give an introductory overview to some of the key principles, knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to the animal care sector. Learners will study animal health and will develop their safe animal handling skills, which is vital in order to effectively care for animals.

Academic year: 20/21

Duration: 2nd September 2020 to 25th June 2021

The animal management sector is a rapidly developing industry. This course will give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge in all aspects of animal management including animal health and welfare, animal science and gain hands on practical and husbandry skills.

Academic year: 20/21

Duration: 2nd September 2020 to 25th June 2021

Designed to be taken over one year, giving learners the opportunity to develop a range of skills in the
land-based studies sector, majoring in animal care

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