Learner Support Fund

The Learner Support Fund is specifically aimed at students facing financial hardship in accessing education. Funds will be allocated upon a proven hardship need. Assistance can be provided for items such as travel costs, subsidised meals, material or kit costs and childcare costs and will either be paid in cash or with payment in kind for course expenses.

The type of assistance is based on your age and your course so not all support is available to all students. 

Please complete the application form below and return with the appropriate evidence to Student Central.

How are decisions made?

Each case will be considered individually and in strict confidence. Among factors considered are;

  • Your income and expenditure and other sources of funds available to you.
  • The personal circumstances of you and your dependants.
  • Comments from your course tutor on your attendance and progress on your course.

Students are expected to contribute towards costs where applicable.

How and when can I apply?

You will need to collect an application form from Student Services or follow the link below to download a form. The completed form, along with all supporting documentation e.g. benefit book, WTC or CTC letters etc., should be returned to Student Services. Staff will then assess your application and write to you informing you of the decision. Applications are considered throughout the year.

Childcare Costs

If you are a parent aged between 16 and 20 you may be eligible for ‘Care to Learn’ support (you must be under 20 when you start your course). This can provide help with childcare costs and related travelling costs.

If you are a parent aged over 20 you may be eligible for support through the Learning Support fund as described above.


For further information call Care To Learn on 0800 121 8989 or contact Student Services.

Tuition and Examination Fees

Students aged 19+ undertaking a course funded through the Advanced Learning Loan scheme can only apply for assistance with fees from the Advanced learning loan.

Students aged 19+ undertaking an appropriate SFA funded course that is not eligible for an Advanced Learning Loan can apply for support through the Learning Support fund as described above.

For more information contact Student Central on 01625 410 018

Council Tax Reduction

Full time students may qualify for a discount on their Council Tax – this will depend on the number of people in your house. The college can provide you with a certificate to send to your Local Authority. Please ask for a Council Tax Exemption form.