As part of the College’s commitment to Safeguarding and Health and Safety we require all students and visitors to wear a visible ID badge at all times on the site.

We have a range of services to support your wellbeing, please click on the tabs to find out more.


The College Counsellor is available if you would like to talk to someone about anything which concerns you, whether it is to do with college, friends, work, personal or home life. Counselling offers a safe, informal place where you can talk freely and in confidence in a way that is not always possible with friends, family or tutors. The Counsellor is based Student Central. If the Counsellor is free you may be able to talk to her straight away or alternatively you can make an appointment.

To make an appointment simply call or text Mandy on 07738105379 or email

Child Protection and Adults at Risk

Macclesfield College recognises it has a statutory and moral duty to ensure that the College functions with a view to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults receiving education and training at Macclesfield College.

Where we suspect that a young person or adult at risk is being abused we will take appropriate measures to protect them. This might involve reporting our concerns to Social Services or the police. Where appropriate we will also discuss our concerns with parents or carers.

All College staff are trained in spotting and dealing with concerns of abuse, appropriate to their level of responsibility. All staff and volunteers working at the College have an enhanced check through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) system to ensure that they are suitable to work with young people and vulnerable adults.

Please see the Student and College Policies section for the Safeguarding Policy.

Anti-Bullying and Harassment and e-Safety

The negative impact of bullying is widely recognised. We are committed to challenging bullying in all its forms and taking firm and decisive action to protect the interests of our students whenever incidents come to light. The following are some of the measures currently in place:

  • Any allegation of bullying is investigated by staff and appropriate action taken, including disciplinary action against perpetrators if necessary
  • For incidents of cyberbullying, the E-Safety Officer provides support to the investigation
  • Personal tutors provide support to the student as required
  • Anti-bullying is covered as a topic in induction and in sessions throughout the year.

Please see the Student and College Policies section for the Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy.

Personal Support

Student Services and the Personal Tutors are able to provide information and advice on a range of issues from welfare to careers.


Safeguarding Leads

Helen Hampson – 07738105384
Lis Brown – 07738105381
John Beddows – 07738105390
Hannah Worthington – 07594090434
Holly Pridham – 07738105393