Teaching Assistant L3 Apprenticeship

Level 3 Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship
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What is a Teaching assistant?

A Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship is for those who are passionate about education and aspire to support Teachers in the classroom.

This Apprenticeship is ideal for those seeking to become skilled professionals who assist in facilitating learning and creating a conducive environment for students.

You will gain hands-on experience in assisting with lesson preparation, student assessment, and educational activities.

By the end of the Apprenticeship, individuals will be well-prepared to start a rewarding career in education.

The primary duties we cover on this apprenticeship...
  • Contribute to the overall ethos and aims of the organisation and promote diversity, inclusion, equality and acceptance of all learners in line with school policies, including by challenging stereotyped views, bullying or harassment.
  • Implement safeguarding polices and safe practices, including online safety, in line with legislation, policies, and procedures including maintaining confidentiality.
  • Work in partnership and liaise with other professionals (such as the teaching staff, SENDCo, or external advisors) and parents/carers to support all learners’ learning.
  • Reflect on their own practice and identify appropriate professional development opportunities with the support of colleagues.
  • Understand the specific needs of learners and use strategies to support all learners to achieve their learning goals.
  • Promote engagement and teach learning behaviours to support the development of independent learners.
  • Establish positive relationships with learners and promote positive behaviours, consistently applying the school’s behaviour policy.
  • Support the social, emotional, mental health, well-being and personal care of all learners in line with organisational policy and procedures.
  • Deliver individual and small group teaching within clearly defined/planned parameters in partnership with the teacher and other professionals.
  • Contribute to assessment and planning by supporting the monitoring, recording, and reporting of learner outcomes and participation as agreed with the teacher.
  • Support the development of a stimulating and safe learning environment by contributing to the selection and preparation of teaching resources that meet the diverse needs and interests of learners.
  • Support or lead enrichment activities for example visits, out-of-school activities and in-school clubs.
Apprentices will benefit from:

Earn a wage, whilst studying a fantastic course

Gaining experience in a fast-paced & competitive industry

No learning costs for the Apprentice


Potential career paths of Teaching Assistant Apprentices…

  • Assistant Teacher 
  • Classroom Assistant 
  • Learning Support Assistant 
  • Learning Support Worker 
  • Specialist Curriculum Support 
  • Support Assistant 
  • Teaching Assistant
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How does the end point assessment work?

An EPA is an assessment at the end of your apprenticeship. It will assess you against the knowledge, skills, and behaviours (KSBs) in the occupational standard. Your training will cover the KSBs. The EPA is your opportunity to show an independent assessor how well you can carry out the occupation you have been trained for.

Your employer will choose an end-point assessment organisation (EPAO) to deliver the EPA. Your employer and training provider should tell you what to expect and how to prepare for your EPA.

The length of the training for this apprenticeship is typically 18 months. The EPA period is typically 3 months.

The overall grades available for this apprenticeship are:

  • fail
  • pass
  • merit
  • distinction

When you pass the EPA, you will be awarded your apprenticeship certificate.


EPA gateway

The EPA gateway is when the EPAO checks and confirms that you have met any requirements required before you start the EPA. You will only enter the gateway when your employer says you are ready.

The gateway requirements for your EPA are:

  • achieved English and mathematics qualifications in line with the apprenticeship funding rules
  • for the professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence, you must submit a portfolio of evidence


Assessment methods

Observation with questions

You will be observed by an independent assessor completing your work. It will last at least 2 hours. They will ask you at least 4 questions.

Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence

You will have a professional discussion with an independent assessor. It will last 90 minutes. They will ask you at least 10 questions. The questions will be about certain aspects of your occupation. You need to compile a portfolio of evidence before the EPA gateway. You can use it to help answer the questions.

The EPAO will confirm where and when each assessment method will take place.


Typically this Apprenticeship will take 18 - 21 month to complete.


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